Health & Safety

Cold Chon (Galway) Ltd. continuously strives to improve the safety of its vehicles and are committed to providing ongoing training for all drivers. A number of drivers have completed advanced driver training and are currently completing CPC training as per new driver legislation.

Road safety awareness is a top priority for Cold Chon. Our drivers show an ongoing commitment by completing daily pre-operational checks on their vehicles.

"The first things we check in the morning are oil levels, tyre pressures and safety equipment", explains Gerry Duffy, a driver. "These are basic checks that need to be carried out before we go out on the road".

Alcohol awareness training has also been provided to all who drive within the company. This training was in conjunction with the HSE and highlighted the issues of fatigue and miss use of prescription drugs.

Reversing cameras have been fitted to all vehicles to make driving easier and avoid accidents during reversing manoeuvres. The compMainBody of textany also offers its employees free eye tests with an ophthalmologist to check their vision.

Finally, to instil good habits right from the teenage years, the company has been working with local second level schools since 2006, organizing road safety awareness days and poster competitions.

Road Safety Charter

On the 4th July 2005 Cold Chon Galway Ltd signed the European Road Safety Charter. Therefore committing themselves to take the initiative of implementing measures going beyond the regulatory requirements in force. The initial commitment was for a three year period, however in 2008 Cold Chon renewed their commitment to the Road Safety Charter for a further three years

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