Surmac Eco

Fluxfree Surface Dressing Bitumen

A new-generation of modified hot-applied binders for surface treatment of asphalt roads The polymer modified binder does not contain any volatile solvents and the required level of strength and toughness is attained as soon as it is applied. The resulting surface treatment will last longer, as Surmac Eco demonstrates an excellent long term performance.

A perfect binder for surface dressing

This binder has been successfully used in the Benelux countries for the last number of years. These products have been developed and improved by removing the solvents that can cause harm to people and the environment. This has been achieved while maintaining a superior quality and ease of application. Surmac Eco: 'A new generation of modified hot binders for Surface dressing, an excellent start to pave the roadfor the future'.


Climate conditions and traffic intensity largely determine the properties required for a binder for surface dressing. For example, hot summers may be followed by cold, wet winters. Moreover, the surface dressing should be able to sustain sudden rain fall, large temperature variations and traffic loads right after the surface treatment has been applied. Due to the use of selected additives and highly elastic non-aromatic polymers, which are compatibilised with bitumen, Surmac Eco demonstrates a robust and good long-term performance under relatively extreme temperature and loading conditions.

Recommended spraying rates are as per the IAT Guidelines for Surface Dressing in Ireland 2nd Edition February 2007.

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